GOTO Maki admits adultery [apology]!!

Former “Morning Musume.The Talent goto Maki (33) on the 13th, to update his blog, the same day “Bunchun online” was reported as an affair and “in the MUD trial” was commented on the message of the autograph.

Goto apologized for the uproar up the writing of handwriting.”As reported in some weekly magazines last year, my husband and I had a relationship with another man.I was very sorry, “admitted that there was an affair, and denied about the husband’s DV coverage.

 Goto married a general man in July 2014.She gave birth to her eldest daughter in December 2003, and gave birth to her eldest son in March of 2005.

◆ below, the full comment this time, fans, everyone involved in a great deal of trouble, I apologize for your concern. As reported in some weekly magazines last year, my husband and I had a relationship with another man.We are very sorry. I deeply hurt my husband who swore his life by my immature and thoughtless deeds, and as a wife and mother, I was not aware of this position, and became a thing to betray trust. I deeply reflect with the desire of regret. In addition, I have been reported to have received a DV, etc. from her husband, but I myself at the time would be excessive representation of the marital quarrel, it becomes the content misleading from the thoughtless interaction with the other party, we are very sorry. At the moment, after repeated discussions with my husband, I accepted forgiveness and increased my time as a couple. I myself feel deeply about the importance of my family and the seriousness of the mistakes I have made. From now on, we will make efforts to help couples more carefully, nurture children and families, and work both public and private matters. This time was indeed sorry. goto Maki

The affair was discovered in Maki Goto.

I was taken up in such as Miyane ya, only the correspondence of Maki Goto himself was early,

It is not likely to be a large flame.

It seems to be a trial of the marsh apparently, the heart of Maki Goto already seems to be away from the husband,

Will it be solved with money?

Adultery is considered to be a social problem, the husband seems to have also been acquainted with the younger brother, because it seems to be at stake also a DV problem from the husband, somehow

Goodbye, huh?

I think that there are many people who have feelings.   This time the honest apology was very early and nothing more

The impact of the Yaguchi uproar

Because it is not exceeded at all, it is good when things progress in a simple, happy direction.   Well, I feel a little poor when I think about the child’s position, but the form of happiness is also more and more diversified.


The impact of the Yaguchi uproar



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