Costco water is 1 liter [47 yen]!?

Do you know the American mineral water spring water that is sold at Costco? It was changed from the American tap water, which had been sold before, and became the natural water which I collected in Washington state.Because it is hard water (115mg/L) that there are a lot of minerals more than the Japan waters, liking might divide.About 47 yen per bottle (1 liter), it is quite cheap. This is the spring water 1l of the kirklandsignature mark sold at Costco.The price is 980 yen (tax included) in 21 pieces.It becomes the calculation of about 47 yen per book.The new debut (April last year) was 828 yen, but now a little increase. By the way, there is also 500ml version, that is 748 yen (tax included) in 40 books.It is about 18.7 yen per bottle. This product is a switch from the American tap water called “purifying Water” which was previously sold. This product is mineral water which was collected in Superior Springs in Washington state.

Costco water is cheap

It may be that there is also a set selling,

47 yen per liter is cheap.

It is a thing that it is good to buy it at ease by the thing that Costco’s brand is attached to it.   However, in the drinking water problem, because it is the place where the problem of unmarked was the other day,

Is the check system proper?

It is very worrisome.   In the case of unmarked, it was a problem that happened to entrust to domestic companies, when it comes to the cheap American natural water,

There might be a lot of people who have a little resistance.

Well, I think that the check system of Japan is thorough even in comparison with other countries.

I think the likelihood of a problem is very low.

Because drinking water is colorless and transparent to the appearance, and I do not know what problems there are in the ingredients, I would like you to thorough the low price of peace of mind.


It’s a direct capture.



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