The scene of the suspect, Taki [re-shoot]?

Musician and actor Pierre Taki that Taki Masanori suspect (51) has ingested cocaine, the drug and psychotropic Drug Enforcement Law violations (use) was arrested in the Kanto Shinetsu Welfare Bureau Drug Enforcement Department on suspicion, NHK 15, Saga drama ” It has been understood that it adjusts it in the direction that the shot of all scenes that the suspect of Taki of the appearance was performed is taken again. The official said, “It seems that it is difficult to release the DVD and the delivery video that the person who was arrested appeared.”Taki suspects appeared in an important role called the master role of the Tabi-ya who provides the tabi for the marathon to the main character, Kankuri 4 3 (Nakamura Kankuro).By the end of the 12 days of the arrest, the shooting was underway until June.NHK announced that it was not about the appearance of Taki suspects on March 17 to 31 (11 to 13 episodes).According to the participants, the scene was actually cast, but it was decided to cut and broadcast the part.On this day, the scene after the April broadcast that the suspect Taki has finished filming is newly found to be progressing in retry.The substitute search for that is done at a steep pitch. In addition, for the sale of DVDs and broadcast video, we also have a plan to re-shoot one to ten episodes back in the same substitute.”NHK on-demand” paid video distribution service had stopped the distribution of the same work from the 13th. DVD release is likely to be delayed.Last year’s “Saigo Don” released a DVD of the first and twelfth episodes on July 18.At the beginning, it was a similar schedule, but the official said, “taking a stand-in is a priority because the broadcast times will prevail in the future, so it’s not clear when you can take time to re-shoot one to ten stories back.” Https://

It seems to be re-photographed.

Whether the work remains as it is, or re-shoot to stand up,

Perhaps a tremendous number of adults have been troubled.

It’s not likely to be a re-shoot after all,

Who will be the substitute?

Actors, of course, there is a translation schedule for each staff, but it is possible to re-shoot.   Or rather than the great damage when the work has disappeared,

Is this still better? | Ω ·

It might be a compromise idea.   It is very unfortunate that the film works just before the public. Just as criminals have appeared,

Because the possibility that the work becomes a national movie is lost.

I think that the latest work is made by another voice actor of the Snow Queen and Ana, but even a popular work of immovable, it is a large damage just emerge the image of Pierre Taki.

It was the result that Disney’s absolutely clean rule is polluted.


A sudden substitute



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