I bought a high-priced property in New York.

From the official blog

 In the blog on March 14, I spelled the “obstinacy” as a Japanese entertainer.Matsui reported that he had purchased a luxury residence in Manhattan, New York. He started the model at the age of 16 and has been living in entertainment for 45 years.As a Japanese entertainer, “I was able to continue to negotiate with Extell, a New York number one developer because I had pride,” he said, overcoming difficult negotiations. “It’s a bull-pounding… And the conditions were met for four months, “in the cache!! I bought a pawn, “he explained.”Now that I’m the owner, I’m a friend of theirs.We have received the highest level of hospitality, “he said, and now he has received tangible and intangible hospitality. The reason for the purchase of the high-priced property, in the blog on March 12, “to protect my body,” spelled Matsui.The satisfied is very secure and the service and safety were cheap. The room is located in the middle of Manhattan, and the top floor is called “The president of a super-famous company, of course, is a few hundred billions” and celebrities in celebrities also live.By the way, it is said that it is about 850,000 yen in the month when the management cost is converted to yen at the current rate. In July 2017, we started the video distribution on YouTube and took a buzz.It was a great success in the production of life goods such as “Matsui Bar” and “Magic Cooking”, and also hit the “Good Luck cleaning book”.As an investor, killing in the virtual currency “Mindol”.On October 10, 2018, the spelled was “no loss as an investor.” http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16173795/

It seems that the Ichidai Matsui purchased the property.

That said, I just wanted to escape from the Japan.   Japan that there are few allies in Japan

It seems to be understood by the person in question.

However, when you buy a property,

The state of mind that makes you want to brag to the world |

It comes out purposely even if it only has to quiet because it is a person with the problem.   Why don’t you take a little break?


I just escaped from Japan.



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