Kana Nishino is a former manager and [married]!!

The singer Kana Nishino (30) celebrated his birthday on the 18th, Suponichi this paper yesterday, and married a former manager’s man. The office is “confirming the fact that the relationship”, according to the official, on this day, filed a marriage report to the ward office in Tokyo.The other party was a manager of Nishino for several years. Ichikawa Shrimp Brewery (41) looks like a handsome company worker.He was out of the manager after a dating report in November 2004 and is currently working in a separate department. On the day of the marriage, the television station officials said, “I heard that Yuya Uchida had died, so I refrained from announcing the announcement,” and expressed the view that the people of Yuya’s obituary were in grief.It is thought that it will announce formally near. This paper coverage, there were a series of blessing voices on the net.”I want you to be happy,” “It was good for the other party who knew Kanceased” and “the activity was for the marriage” and the festive mood.Twitter, etc. “Setsu of Kanyan, you gave it to your husband?There were a lot of posts related to the hit song. The relationship period of two people is about three years.In addition to live and recording, Nishino has been busy with the deadline of writing, nurturing love and vitality of music activities in a small, private time. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190319-00000001-spnannex-ent

Kana Nishino announced the marriage.

Your partner is a former manager,

A person who is very close

.   There is no difference in the happy news, if you have not had a relationship with the manager, because you might have been active in the forefront as a singer now, Moyamoya may remain even from the fans.   The other party is off the manager after the report,

Currently different Department | Ω ·

It is written plainly, and it is violated the taboo of the office in a sense

I was blown away.

It may be that.   If Kana Nishino was working normally, it was a reason to earn more even as an office.

Actually, it was quite a bit of trouble, wasn’t it?


Oh, my God.



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