Fukyu AO Keita, the [mating con] with Darenogalu barre!!

Through the hero of [Kamen Rider Fourze], and big break in the morning Dora [Chan]], drama, movie, Fukuto Blue Keita is sought after CM.As a young twink actor, she is a very popular woman, but the female fan “Gatari” is spreading.   NEWS Post seven of the 13th delivery, the article that Fukuto was a combination with several beauties, including Dalano Gale Akemi, and three ladders in succession to the member-based shop published. “There was a tall handsome guy, too, but I was looking at her next to it, and it stood out even more” (the person who happened to be there), and it was still darlenogalt to keep the next to the Fukuda. It was after four in the morning that Fukube came out of the karaoke shop.The first man comes back, and the three remain.When he walked to the main street while walking along the side of the Fukuke, he told the chatting of the famous or about five minutes. The adoring of “Insta Beauty” was reported in “Woman Seven” last year by Fukuto.About one year after that, the news is also a hunch that the beginning of a new love, in the net, “this is a good feeling down,” “I think it’s OK to be a combination, but I think it is better to choose a partner,” Mr. Fukashi… Don’t.Good image ruined!”It is a way of play that is far from the image of Fukji-kun”, many comments of the state that can not hide the disappointment, with respect to Dalenogale, “Dalano Galan image is only down,” “The other party is Dalenogale Akemi?”I will lower my value if I don’t think about it a little more!”The pattern caught by a woman who should not be caught”, etc., is said to be terrible. Fukuto is 25 years old and age is 28 years old, not unnatural, both of them are tour beauties that everyone admits.Why does the world not want to be close to the public? Mr. Haruo Ishida, veteran performing Arts reporter, analyzes this. “People who become fans of actors are the ones who know they are fake, but hope that they are in real life.The image that the people seek is “a good young man” for the Fukuto, and the ideal girlfriend that the fan imagines might be “Chan]” aki (Rena). However, in practice, the venue is a member-based shop “entertainer Feeling” and is a bare, mating partner, it was not a high degree of positivity and celebrity boast, such as it was not a good impression Darenogale Akemi.If you look to the fan, “to be tempted by Darrenogale” and I will not wipe the thought, “After all the role is a lie” many people would have thought.In this “take-away” if you have, because I would have lost a lot of female fans with a good feeling of backlash, it is the least salvation that did not “http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16184043/

It seems to have been a combination with the Fukuto Blue Keita.

The image is completely down.   There is a thing called each character to the entertainer still, and I think that the relationship friendship is free, but if such a part of the actor seems to influence work or not?

Whether such a place can be exactly is the boundary between the first-class.

The sunglasses are also very ugly.

I guess I didn’t want to be far from the barre.

However, the talent like the Dalenogale Akemi

Half Flames

It is a type that keeps out in the form of, as for this incident,

The Simeon

It might be thought.


Completely negative publicity



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