NGT48, operation [lying barrage]!!

NGT48 ‘s Yamaguchi Maho (23) was assaulted by a fan male in December last year, and AKS of the operating company conducted a briefing on the investigation report of a third-party committee in Niigata City on Tuesday.During the three-hour interview, Yamaguchi renewed Twitter five times and said, “Why do we just lie?”It’s really sad, “an exceptional life rebuttal.Yamaguchi and the management side of the ditch, it is highlighted that it is deepening rather than repair.In the future, the management side mentioned, “I Want You back,” but the possibility of withdrawal emerged. “Sorry, Mr. Yamaguchi, I had a tweet!」。40 minutes after the start of the conference.When the reporter pointed out the “intrusion” of Yamaguchi by Twitter, interrupt the story of Mr. Takumi Matsumura, the director who attended, the hall became noisy. Mr. Matsumura announced that the members had a personal connection with the fans, but this time it would be unquestioned.However, Yamaguchi, who is believed to have been watching the conference live on the Internet, said at 2:5 p.m., “Now, the director of the press conference is going to dismiss all members of the cooperative before the Third party committee is held.” I made a promise to him. “In addition, “I was required to apologize to the director Matsumura Takumi on January 10,” “(The management side) was a false explanation as to my assumptions,” the post barrage. Mr. Matsumura, who was pointed out, did not know what he was doing.Reporter reads The post “What do you think?”When I heard, Mr. Matsumura said, “I thought I was watching,” and leaked and bought a lost laugh. Although the management side denied both the promise of dismissal of the member connected with the fan and the apology request to Yamaguchi, there is a deep ditch between Yamaguchi to light at the site.At the beginning, “I understand the person, but there is also a question about whether the consent, I want to work to follow the communication with Yamaguchi” just explained, from the press, “and certainly not able to communicate,” and the Voice goes up “as you say…” It was utmost to squeeze out. Yamaguchi also criticized the management side in a total of five posts, such as “there are members who acknowledged the association with the criminal group”.The incident itself became clear by the accusations that Yamaguchi was accused of the damage on Twitter on January 9 this year, the delay of the management side of the response was criticized, “deficiencies” on the management side of this day also became a situation to be exposed on Twitter. The vision management side also mentions the treatment of Yamaguchi in the future for the first time.I hoped that I would remain as an NGT while revealing that I was discussing my graduation with a view.However, even if more than three months have passed since the incident, the claims of both have just spread far from parallel lines.Yamaguchi himself is not convinced at all, and the remainder is severe in the present, and it is not likely to fit in a harmonious form of graduation.There is no graduation performance or a greeting at the theater, and there is a possibility that it will withdraw as it is. ◆ the number of followers increased as a surge of five thousand followers jumped Yamaguchi’s tweet.At the beginning of the Conference, approximately 50,000 people were less than 2 p.m. before the start of the afternoon, with an increase of about 5 million to 169,000 people at 11 p.m.In this day alone, the number of followers of NGT48 (20), who was the highest ranking (4th) in last year’s general election, exceeded 135,000.The updated tweets also have five to nine thousand retweets (repost). Https://

NGT48 case is like a parallel line.

The assault case is completely lying to the management side.   Let’s not burn it off.

The situation is pouring oil into the fire.

When you are holding a lie conference without a victim, do you not realize that you are choking your own neck?   Well, NGT48, I think that there is also a side like the local department of AKB48,

It might be a lie volley of guess to someone in the headquarters.

It is often transmitted that the victim is not convinced of this case.

The mysterious flow of an apology by the victim who was assaulted | Ω ·

I think it has been very complicated, why did not the honest interview of the management side even come here?


Oil on fire



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