Ichiro [retired]!!

The Japan best hit making machine, which has built a number of monumental characters, takes off the uniform.4367 hits (Japan 1278, United States 3089) Mariners Ichiro outfielder (45) announced his retirement after the opening second leg of the Athletics (Tokyo Dome) on 21 September. -As I said earlier, I imagine I’m not a baseball player, but I think I’m a different baseball player.I think it’s fun, but I think I’m going to be a serious baseball player. I’ve been hungry, laughing.One hour, twenty minutes? I thought I was going to get along thoroughly today.I’m hungry. -The graduation Bunshu of the elementary school is famous.If you speak to yourself now, you will not get 100 million in contract money.I say the dream is big, but I have raised a hundred million of Dora 1, but it is not far.In a sense, it is a setback. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190322-03220148-nksports-base

Ichiro is retired active.

It was Ichiro who had said the active duty until at least 50 years old,

It did not make it happen.

Well, the age of 50 is not so meaningful.   I was starting member in the opening round of the Japan,

Probably, it was decided to the place where it retired before.

Only the first-class laser beam is thrown, but I feel very too good, but there is no doubt that I was active enough even up to the age of 45.

The tone of the blow is poor,

A state of no strike

I feel very lonely to retire in, but it is a thing that is not the way in the sports World of Merit.   It is a strange story to put on the bench in that state.   The cheering side should know Ichiro’s greatness.

What kind of place will you be active in the future?

Very interested.


It was cheers.



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