Lily Gellar, the EU withdrawal of United Kingdom [stop with super ability]!?

[London current Affairs] Lily Gellar, the famous self-proclaimed “psychic” who is a spoon-bending, declared that the European Union’s withdrawal of United Kingdom was “super-capable.” The EUROPEAN union is stuck in the midst of a variety of political dynamics, but is interested in how the United Kingdom can bend in the direction of “superpower.” Mr. Gellar posted an open letter to Prime Minister Mei on the official Facebook account on Tuesday.”I feel very strongly that most Brits do not want to leave the EU,” he said, saying, “I do not allow you to lead United Kingdom to the EU withdrawal.I’ll stop it with my psychic. ” Gellar was born Israel, but he lived in Prime Minister’s constituency in United Kingdom, and he has been with the prime minister for more than 20 years.Mr. Mae’s prime minister also claimed that he had predicted. A lot of comments were received from Gellar’s post, and the voices pointed out that “many of the lawmakers have already bent and turned.”

Lily Gellar seems to use super powers.

The super ability is almost almost Showa’s entertainment,

It has already been made a gag.

I think there are ways to involve people with more credibility, but Yuri Gellar himself may not be the villain.   It may be an activity to earn a short-term guarantee. If you really want to make you think you’re a psychic,

Stop EU withdrawal


It has already stopped in my power.

Tell me | ω) lol

Why is this stance like using a psychic?

The Showa era is wonderful.


I’ll use my psychic next time.



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