The new era name is [the Japanese]!!

The government decided to replace “Heisei” with the new original issue of the day.The present emperor was signed by a cabinet order and promulgated on the same day.In accordance with the abdication of the emperor on April 30, the Crown prince will be in effect at midnight on May 1, the throne of the new emperor.The new era name before the throne was first published in constitutional government history.The source is “Manyoshu”, not a Chinese classic, but the first as far as it can be confirmed that adopted from the National Book (Japan Classics).Government sources said the original draft was five. The 248th era name counted from “Greater” (645).Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan-Wei announced at a press conference.Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the conference “The meaning that the culture is born and grows up in the midst of the people’s beautiful Mind is put together”. Https://

The new era name has decided on the sum.

I read it with the Japanese.   It is a pattern that the initials when I made it to the alphabet were R, and was considered so as not to suffer with Heisei H etc.   The character of sum is the same as that of the Showa era, but it seems that it was not considered a problem.   The sum of the Heisei and the Japanese

Because it becomes the word of peace,

It may be a hidden message that we will continue to build a peaceful country in the future by taking over the sum from the Showa era.   Because this is the net society, it may be that there is also a thing that is bashing the chosen Chinese characters, but since the era of the Japanese Union is already finalized,

Let’s not speak ill of the age in which I live.

And I want to say good-bye in the Heisei was less than the remainder.


I want to check the letter of the decree.



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