Hisashi of Glay [infidelity coverage]!!

“I hear that the chance is meeting in the drinking party of the artist Companion.To tell the truth, Mr. HISASHI likes Idol as the production of the idol.That’s why I hit it off with her.The two people’s “forbidden” relationship will be about another year and a half. “(common acquaintance) this year, the 25th anniversary of the debut, national rock band GLAY.Speaking of HISASHI (47), you know the name of GLAY guitarist.In recent years, in addition to activities as GLAY, EXILE TAKAHIRO (34) formed a four-tuple unit ACE OF SPADES with them.I just released the 1st album. In his private life, in December 1999, after three years of companionship, she was enrolled in a general woman from Hokkaido, three years younger.The marriage has already been over twenty years.The woman who HISASHI such a “kindred Spirit”-. “Multi-talent, Mensore ~ is Aina.I am a former member of “Ayami JAPAN”, and now I am producing idol group “disease-Le” which is also a member.I know that Mr. HISASHI has a wife and children, and he thinks that “we must not deepen the relationship between men and women in private” (ex-acquaintance) music officials say. ‘ ‘ Honeymoon relationship between the two was known in part.In January, HISASHI’s birthday was held in February, so we rented a dining bar in Tokyo and Azabu-Juban in the winter and had two “joint birthday Parties”.About twenty of the common friends were celebrating until midnight. “What kind of birthday did the two of you send for a year from the joint birthday party?In the middle of January, Mensore-a birthday party of Aina was done in the bar of her going to Tokyo Roppongi.At 11:30, HISASHI arrived at the bar with his office car (48).Went into the store.The birthday party seems to have been a big climax.It was past five thirty in the morning, and HISASHI boarded a taxi with her luggage.As it was, she went into her home, and HISASHI went out in about half an hour. About three weeks later, HISASHI’s birthday party was held at the Azabu-Juban dining bar.The venue is the same place as last year’s joint birthday party.There was still a figure of her in about 20 participants.About half of them went to the second meeting of Roppongi Bar.After four in the morning, two people came out from the bar last.The stylish HISASHI of the whole body in black, the mensore of the long hair that dyed the hair tip red-Aina was deeply entangled the arm, and was snuggled perfectly.She seemed to be a little drunk, and an embrace to the HISASHI, and was entrusted with the body as it was–. “Aina is going to watch the live of GLAY well.In Tokyo, of course, if the schedule was met, it was also put out in the provinces “(former and music officials) at the end of last year, there was a live GLAY in Nagoya.In fact, there were two of them, “secretly meeting”.At about 10pm, HISASHI, who finished the concert, went into a seafood tavern in downtown Nagoya, Sakae with several staff.Thirty minutes later, she went to the store.TAKURO (47) also appeared at 23:30 A.At 1:30 am, HISASHI and TAKURO, Mensore ~ and four staff members came out of the shop. Two cars showed up and HISASHI and TAKURO to a luxury hotel.The other one went to another hotel, and after a few staff members, they stopped at the same luxury hotel.It was her that came out of the car.She went to the room where HISASHI stayed, and came out of the hotel at six in the morning.I went to the hotel where the staff got off.HISASHI left the luxury hotel at 12:00 noon.I returned to Kyoto with TAKURO. I heard about the relationship between the two members of the GLAY office. “HISASHI is one of my friends who met her at the edge of producing idols as well.We have many mutual friends, such as going to a birthday party.I’m not dating.At the end of last year’s live in Nagoya, she met with an event to produce an idol.There were about eight people in the room, including TAKURO and producers.I heard that everyone talked about how to produce idols and music. “Mensore and Aina also say this through their offices. “There is no association, of course.There are a lot of mutual friends, so it is very common for everyone to drink alcohol.It is like the elder brother who is also riding in the consultation of the music side “http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16215841/

The HISASHI of GLAY has uncovered an affair.

The affair in the entertainment world is not to be abolished.   In the case of musicians, it is not a feeling of uproar.

Is there something like that?

It is a strange place to think.   I think that if this is a pure and innocent actor etc., work and CM decrease at a dash, and it is a big problem that it disappears as it is.   I’m sorry to say that the peak has passed, but the HISASHI of GLAY is now so stuffy

Not just a glowing fan?

If the other person is a multi-talent,

Whether it is a former Ayami JAPAN,

It doesn’t feel like it’s burning.   However, since adultery is not a socially recognized act, if you are a member or a person who is working together now,

It is only annoying.

You’ve been having an affair.

The word is only negative.


A musician



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