Molly Robertson [Have you done cocaine]!?

Journalist Molly Robertson on 24th, TBS system “Akako to you!”(Sunday, before 11, 45) appeared.When Pierre Taki suspects (51) was arrested for suspected cocaine intake, he raised his hand and said, “I’ve only done cocaine in the Eighties once.” “In the first place, the history of drugs and movies and the history of music are inseparable,” he said, showing a global example of the past, “separating the great expressions and drugs that were there, The argument that this person could do the same even if the medicine did not enter the body seems to be barren. ” On top of that, the drug is right there when viewed from the whole world.We should discuss how to deal with it in the near future, “he said,” I’ve done cocaine in the Eighties once. ” It was only “you don’t have to say” to the moderator, Akiko Wada. Http://

Molly Robertson seems to have a past of cocaine use.

The TV is completely out of the remarks, but it is a thing of the past is legal to say that you know no problem.   Molly Robertson was out on the news program with a good head character, or out on a variety show, doing things like a DJ,

Because sometimes the tension is abnormal, it is seen.

Hey, what’s wrong?

I have to be honest.   It might be a bright human nature originally,

I’ve only done cocaine in the Eighties once.

And the fear of saying Polo | ω) because I do not suspect in the time of high tension, the remark should be careful?





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