Lawson [New era name Chris] released!?

Calbee will release a new product “New era name’s first potato chips sushi flavor” commemorating the new era name revision from May 1, which will be amended from Heisei to New era name, limited in Lawson stores nationwide. Heisei is over and new era name begins on May 1.The dawn of this new era, the long-seller sign products that continue to be loved by customers for many years “potato chips sushi taste” to celebrate with, and planned the product that was described in the package a new era name large.Calbee potato Chips, released in the Showa era (Showa 50), according to the needs of the times, while performing the renewal each time, has become a sign product that continues to be loved even beyond the times.It is said that it is a product with the desire to continue delivering smiles and deliciousness to consumers even in the new era. The product is designed to celebrate the original revision of the package, with a large description of the new era name.It shows the release date greatly on the surface, and it changes into a new era name and it appeals to “eat first” potato chips.On the back side, the transition of “potato chips sushi taste” is introduced. The contents of the product are “potato chips sushi taste”.The delicious taste of the potato, the crisp and light texture, and the crisp flavor that worked with the salty, it is a taste to eat fast.The price is 151 yen (tax included) for the first day of May 1. [Retail price] 151 yen (tax included) [release date] May 1 (Wed) Calby =

It seems that new era name Chris will be released at Lawson.

I’m sorry to say that the contents are intact, but many people think that I will try to buy somehow.

But please think calmly.

The only special is the bag.

It is normal inside.

Well there may be people who want to experience the festive mood, so I think there are also users from the usual sushi, I can not deny unconditionally,

Isn’t that the place to waste?

It is a product that let me re-confirm.   However, because it is a limited quantity,

Sold out required items | Ω ·

Is not it? There are some people who look around in several stores.


Ordinary Chris



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