Vegetarian YouTuber, fish food barre [flame]!!

The popular YouTuber woman who claims that the vegan life is thoroughly carried out though it is called vegan “vegan” which does not utter the egg, milk, and animal food among vegetarians SNS was in flames because there was food.”New York Post” and “Washington Post” are telling. The YouTuber, the most popular as a vegan based in Newport Beach, California (Yovana Mendoza Ayres, 29). Rawvana is running the Spain and English version of the YouTube channel. The popular diet method and the diet method by a thorough vegan of Mr. Yovana, etc., the number of registered number of two channels becomes more than 2,440,000 people.In addition, she is selling a text book and a video that summarizes the techniques such as dieting and detox by vegan on her official site, and it is a very popular product here. Recently, however, there was a big problem with this video, as the scene of a few seconds of eating a video in Bali that Mr. Jovana visited with friends.Mr. Paula Galindo de (Paula Galindo), who is a friend of Mr. Yovana, photographed his own dining landscape, but only for a moment, the camera caught a table with Yovana’s. Then, there was a fish dish in the dish placed in Mr. Yovana’s seat.Moreover, Mr. Yovana is doing the gesture like trying to conceal it with both hands so as not to reflect the fish dish in the camera.It was just a moment, but her fans didn’t miss it. Because a succession of criticism to Mr. Jovana to SNS, she uploaded the video of the apology to YouTube, it is revealing such that the physical condition was not ill, and that the physiology had stopped. “I know that you have trusted me and listened to my words.But this time, you will probably feel that you have been lied to and cheated.I think that it is not unreasonable at all to feel so.”In fact, my physiology had not come.And I was always anemic, thyroid hormone is low level and very sick, I lived in a state of danger if one mistake.Yovana had been through a complete vegan life for six years, but about two years ago, she started having problems with her physical condition, and her menstrual hormone was at the same level as that of pre-menopausal women.In addition, suffered from candidiasis last year, had a major problem in the digestive system, bacteria of the small intestine proliferate and abdominal bloating and severe abdominal pain occur such as “small intestine bacterial abnormal proliferative (SIBO)” was diagnosed. Therefore, there was a recommendation from the doctor, and it seems to have been taking the egg and the fish for two months to regain health.I hear that the physical condition improves now, and the physiology came to come, too.However, Mr. Yovana is appealing that these illnesses are not the fault of the vegan life as follows. “I first thought about my health and started eating eggs and fish.There is a strong feeling that it is shameful to utter the animal food that has been avoided for a long time because it thinks that there is harm while still experimenting with my body.My heart is with the vegan.And I will tell you repeatedly that my illness is not the fault of the plant-based diet.However, the Instagram and YouTube account of Mr. Yavana “I was making money with a lie unforgivable!”Even though this is a health issue, there is a succession of criticisms, such as a diet plan, that we have recommended our vegan diet,” he said. Http://

It seems that the vegan YouTuber is in flames.

I feel like I’m not too familiar with the Japan and a complete vegetarian, but there are a lot of people who are strictly defending overseas.   Rather than going to a place called vegan,

It will be a level that can not help worrying about whether animal.

If you tell a strictly realistic story, it should not mean that vegetarianism directly leads to dieting.   Of course, there may be people who have an effect, but they should manage nutrition itself rather than plant and animal, and in some cases exercise might be more effective.

Individual Differences in all |

It is a real story.   However, it is a mysterious story because the fashion and the trend and coolness are defined somehow, and it becomes a story that the vegetarian is good.   This time it seems to say that you have taken a fish in sick condition,

Honestly a little lie-smell | Ω ·

That’s true.   I should have told you honestly from the beginning and there is no need to hide anything.   Because there were a lot of registered people in the state of Houha, it was completely scooped out of the foot.   Lying is doubly burning. If you continue your life in the vegan and have adversely affected your physical condition,

It’s normal to call attention.

I do not think that anything is acceptable when I said to foreigners well.


You got a feeling.



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