Sega [Mega Drive Mini] released in September!!

Sega will launch the Mega Drive Mini, which has downsized Mega Drive, on September 19.The price is 6980 yen by tax.It was announced at Sega Festival on March 30th. “Mega Drive Mini W” with two control pads will be released at 8980 yen by tax.We recorded 40 titles and revealed 10 titles in the Sega Festival.It will be the following 10 titles. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Puyo Puyo, Shining Force-the legacy of the gods-vampire Killer, Wrestleball, Gunstar Heroes Comics Zone, rental hero Space Harrier II, Majin Monogatari I The TV has HDMI, a USB cable to the power supply, and a suspended save function.Also reprinted models released for each region, and that the title is different from each region. Https://

Mega Drive Mini seems to be released.

The game’s hardware is becoming more and more mini.   The most talked about was Nintendo’s NES Mini, which seems to have accelerated the miniization.   Because of the relationship between generations,

I myself have never played a Mega Drive

Rather than

I’ve never even seen the real thing.

I feel like, the people of the upper generation may be a little missed whilst.   The game is not interesting or interesting because it is not decided by the resolution and cleanliness of the screen, I might think many people want.

If you can taste nostalgia by not more than 10,000 yen

It might be a great deal for a price.


Memories of the game



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