Ichiro, the third time of the National Honor Award [decline]!!

Mr. Ichiro (45), the American MLB Mariners who expressed his retirement at the end of last month, reported to the government officials that he had reportedly declined the National Honors Award, which he was considering in the direction of the government’s awarding.It is the third time to harden.The reason is not clarified, but it is likely to have shown a strong intention to be related to the baseball world in the future.The first prize was expected during the era of “the Japanese”. Ichiro has a brilliant track record in baseball, including 4367 hits in Japan, 200 hits in 10 consecutive years, and the most major league season hits. The government has previously sounded the National Honor award twice in 2001 and 2004 in the Koizumi cabinet era, but Ichiro was “very grateful if you could do it when you finished your baseball life.” Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190405-00000003-mai-base

It seems that Ichiro declined the National Honor Award.

Moreover, it is not a new record in a sense in the thing of the third decline.   As compared with Hideki Matsui, a very clear star,

Ichiro has a unique hero image a little,

That’s fascinating.   If you think about it, you were trying to give the National Honor Award in 2001.

The government was completely sweetly looking at Ichiro.

The breakthrough from there was terrific.

The National Honor Award is an image of the government in some ways,

Ichiro may have a line with such things.   In the first place, there is a view that it gives the National Honor Award when young. What happens if you become a terrible person in five years and ten years from now?   There is no such person at the moment, but it is now completely a variety of celebrities and Rina Maruyama who won the National Honor Award in Nadeshiko Japan

I’m out to the buttocks | Ω ·)

Well the National Honors Award is completed, the item may be a topic that is a peak around.


Ichiro is unique



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