Kago and Tsuji, tears in [Combi revival]!!

Ex-morning kago(31) and Nozomi Tsuji (31) on 30th, Chiba Makuhari Messe, Hello!He appeared at the 20th anniversary of the project’s premium performance.It Buri 13 years to perform as a unit “W (Double U)” together. The song “Robo Kiss” of the Unit is presented, and two people are “double you”!And greetings.I got a lot of cheers from 5000 fans.The Junior Anjulum (19) joined Funaki (16), and four of them were “Minoni”.Hinamatsuri!Performance.Tsuji is “Mini Moni”.I hope that you will succeed. “After that, she sang “I Wish”, a single music girl who was released in 2000, with her active momusume members.The feeling of protection shed tears, and tears came to the eyes of Tsuji who followed next. In August 2004, the two of them graduated from Modaughter.In 2006, abstentions was punished by the smoking scandal, and the activity as a double-u was also paused. Sayashi Sato (20) and Michishige Sayumi (29) Risa Aragaki (30) and Momusume OG were also on the stage for three years Buri 3 months of live. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16242667/

The protection Tsuji combination was revived.

This combination is Buri thirteen years.

There were many things but it was good as a result | Ω ·

I feel that.   However, Morning Musume.When it comes to talking about the whole group, there were too many

There will be no life for all.

I’m very sorry for the music around here.   Even if the feature of nostalgia is made on television or something, it is necessary to edit intentionally, and it reminds me of infidelity when I see Yaguchi and Gomaki.   Morning Musume.Activity is a clean image, but the entertainment industry is the trouble after the peak is normal?


Welcome back, Kago.



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