MALIAApril Fools ‘ divorce of the fourth time!!

Model MALIA.(36) announced that one day, the blog was renewed and divorced with the model Sanwatari Maijin (26) in the former J leaguer, who married in November 17.It becomes the fourth divorce.Miwatari also reported on Instagram.In August 2006, two boys were born to be the first babies.MALIAWill raise four children of three men one woman as a single mother. MALIAIn the blog, and explain that it is the conclusion of the discussion with the children, “I might be unreliable mother in the eventful, but I myself was never a simple decision,” spelled said. On the other hand, Miwatari “came to such a conclusion as a result of having talked several times by feeling the lack of my immaturity and the resolution little by bit in the marriage life.This is the result of my lack of inadequacy. ” In the comments section of the Insta of Miwatari, recently Insta each other’s “good!The voice of the fan who was aware that there was not.In the announcement of choosing this Day “is April Fools???!It’s April Fools ‘ Day!Absolutely!You won’t be fooled!April Fools ‘ Day is a good idea.I want you to be April Fools… That’s true?A lot of messages have been sent to me that I want to be April fools. Immediately after marriage, two-shot photos of love-loving were being uploaded to each other’s SNS, but the insta of Miwatari is MALIA the last day of January 14 this year.No photos were posted. Http://

Model MALIA.Announced the divorce.

This is the fourth divorce.

It is a person who is not suitable for a married life completely.

It might be a person who cannot endure or have a hard time because it feels superiority in the thing of marrying.   There are four children, so I’m worried about how I feel about my mother, but I’m sure that parenting is doing well.   I think that the character which is easy to heat and gets cold is completely a problem,

Still showing the figure alive brightly,

It is an important skill as an entertainer, and it is likely that there are many people who can get courage to see such a figure.


Soccer player striker



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