Mari Yaguchi [first child] pregnancy!!

Ex-morning daughter.Mari Yaguchi (36) was found to be pregnant for two days.According to his office, he is currently in a stable period and will give birth again this summer. Yaguchi remarried after a four-year relationship with a former model general male (31) on the day of the great low of March 26, last year.The desire to become mother was often told in the event etc. up to now.According to the parties concerned, the same girl with good relations.Yasuda Kei (38), who gave birth to a boy of the first child in January last year to bearing fertility activity, also said that it became a big stimulus. It was also found that the wedding anniversary of this year was celebrated on March 26th, when a family friend was gathered in Okinawa.I did not give a ceremony at first, and in October last year I realized my desire in a place of memories that went on a trip with my husband. Morning Musume.In April of last year, Ishikawa Rika (34) gave birth to a boy of the first child.In December, Nozomi Tsuji (31) expecting to give birth to a fourth boy.By the pregnancy of Yaguchi, MO daughter.All the members from the first to the fourth period that created the golden age of Http://

Mari Yaguchi became pregnant with the first child.

It is common that when the entertainer is pregnant roughly becomes a blessing mood color, the pattern that this blessing and infidelity comment becomes half

I don’t see an example in the past.

I also feel like.   It was a closet affair that only gave a big impact to the public.   What I can say for sure is that a child who is born has absolutely no sin.

The worst affair of the parents has been known from the moment of birth to the public

I feel sorry to be burdened by the worst cross.   I want your child to live powerfully.


The price of infidelity



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