Mifune Mika reports [remarried]!!

Talent Mifune Mika (36) is on the 6th, ABC TV Asahi System travel Information program ‘ Morning!Live in the raw salad “(every Saturday before 8:00 ~ 9:30).It was reported that it remarried in some sports paper in the morning of the same day, and it married from own mouth again.The ring was glowing in the left ring. At the opening of the program, the main MC Kanda Masaki (68) was “studio bright, right? We started the trip salad in the 27th year, “he reports.Continue to be brighter.I have a report from Mika, “said Mifune, with a broad grin” No, I’m sorry.This time, I married, ~ “announced.Including Kanda, Aki Mukai (54), Katsumata State wa (54), staff also congratulated by applause. To this “No, I’m glad,” while I was embarrassed, and mifune the face with a hand patter “I do not live in Osaka if you do not travel salad, meet the master there. Thank you, “cried. After that, it crying to two people. Katsumata has a good laugh with both of them even though they made a clean makeup.Kanda also was happy, “why is there a crying man here?” and when laughing, Katsumata was “it is a family, too” and it tightened, and it was blessing all again. Mifune married singer Takahashi George (60) in September 1998.She gave birth to her eldest daughter in November 2004 and has been referred to as “a married couple”, but separated from December of 2001.The divorce mediation has continued, and it broke down, and announced that Mifune was sued for the approval of the divorce and the custody of the eldest daughter in January, 15.The divorce was established on March 29, 2004. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190406-00000313-oric-ent

Mifune Mika has remarried.

Because it is this timing that the new era name is announced, and the Heisei a little later,

All the bad things come in Heisei,

Isn’t it a new start?   Mifune Mika is also a beauty to the purpose seen,

Unexpectedly?She is 36 years old and age young.

George Takahashi is a musician.

It’s natural to be truncated early.

I want you to shake off a smile in the future with a happy aura fully open to Mifune Mika.





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