The bill is renewed Buri 20 years!!

It was understood that the Government had hardened the policy of reforming the banknotes such as 10,000 yen to Buri 20 years. In the portrait of the new bill, a 10,000 yen bill is “father of capitalism” and Shibusawa Eiichi of the businessman called, and the five thousand Yen bill is examining the appointment of the medical doctor of Kitasato Shizaburo who is said, “Father of modern Japan medicine” of Tsuda Dai founder.As early as 9th, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and the finance minister will announce it. Http://

The bill seems to be revamped.

It was also amazing when Higuchi Kazuha and Noguchi Hideyo appeared, but at that time, the image of money was taken over by Fukuzawa Yukichi.   In the thing that the renewal of this time, ten thousand Yen bill will be replaced Shibusawa Eiichi,

It might be the timing of the change that the image of 10,000 yen bill changes louver.

At the same time, it may affect the concept of money itself.   It is a modern day in which cashless is being promoted in succession,

I wonder if the bills are missing?

The bill that would be wary of the reverse like the 2000 Yen Bill is tired.


Fukuzawa Yukichi’s image is the strongest



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