Nijo Castle is forbidden!?

“Ban on playing” on the Walk path on the Nijo Johoku side is posted

Speaking of Nijo Castle, many people will remember the “Great administration”. The last shogun of the Edo shogunate, the Tokugawa Yoshiyoshi, visited the Kyoto City Nakagyo ward in the Nijo Castle Ninomaru Palace.It was this Nijo castle that was founded by the first shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and the shogun inauguration was held. In the vicinity of such a historical spot, a little unusual notice has been discovered, and it is a topic.It is forbidden to play.Just because it is a valuable historical landmark in the Edo period, why is it written by the “Hokaigai” by the present age of the 21st century?

“It’s forbidden to blow the scallop.”

The place is a walk on the Nijo Johoku side.The bulletin was attached to the fence in front of the Guide Board of the excavation of the stone wall on the north side of the northwest of Nijo Castle. Http://

Nijo Castle seems to be prohibition of the scallop.

It is certainly a historical place, and a conch that is rung without thinking about the feelings of the people around you from the neighbors

It is only annoying.

However, there is a problem with this note,

So this shellfish is a different kind from the oyster shell | Ω ·

There is a possibility that those who say.

Because this is a digital music | Ω ·

What do you do if they haunt the people who like to put the music pounding while saying what?   Because it is a useless effort to remake the sign of the note, it was better to discuss from the beginning to the details.   Well, it’s too much to ban the clam

I don’t think it’s a bit interesting.


That’s right.



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