Matsushigeyutaka announces his Leading role!

Kenichi Endo (57), Kenichi Takifuji (42), Murotsyoshi (43) ― ―.Now in “cast-in-motion”, the film of the Pine Shigetoyo (56), which bears the corner of “Hikita! It was announced at the end of March to be published in October. “Pregnant.Male infertility is a different work of the theme, the opponent is Keiko Kitagawa (32).For Matsushige, it was the first film in the 34th year of the actor’s life.

Why is Matsushige now?The movie reporter explains it. “Film making to match the image of the popular actor is also saturated.Recently, there have been more and more opportunities to choose the leading role in the works, and a proven supporting role.The emotions and the “face art” can be represented by Matsushige, who is eligible for this film.It was a long road for the Matsushige who had already finished taking a picture and “It was a request of appearance outside the fertility active thing” and “It was a dream time for me if it thought” and the staring too comment was announced.Akira Mitani joined Tokyo Sunshine Boys while he was in college.After graduating, he joined Yukio Ninagawa’s troupe.There was a time when the worker was closed, but it appeared from NHK Taiga drama to the late-night drama as if the motto “Day Life” was practiced.He gradually emerged as a supporting role with a presence. “The biggest reason why the breadth of the acting which does not stay in a mere outlaw is useful though it is a strong face to tall near 190 centimeters.Takeshi Kitano’s “Rage Beyond” (2012) plays a serious criminal role, and had a different taste of one person, a good father role in a clumsy person, Shobokureru middle-aged salaried man, a gay role, anything addictive “(Drama Party)

It’s going to be a stain on my profile

 It was a midnight drama “Solitude Gourmet” (Tele-east system) which had been demonstrated to the maximum, and started from 12 years.

“Even inside of me, my profile would be a blur,” he said with confidence, but he opened the lid completely.The scene where the hero who plays Matsushige muttered the Untick on that strong side, and eats the dish of the popular dining room to the effect, literally put out “good taste”.Continue until season 7 with a large number of voices wanting a sequel.It will be the victory of The Gap “(broadcast reporter) in this year’s taiga” Iisten “, the governor of Tokyo also plays the role of Matsushige.What does the starring movie of the full-awaited taste really be? Https://

The starring movie of Shigetoyo Matsu has been announced.

It seems that this is the first movie starring.   Despite being an actor I’ve seen in so many different works,

It is very surprising that this is my first movie.

Even though the name is said to be a supporting role, if I say by favorable

I think that it is the existence that overtook the starring actor?

TV Tokyo’s Lonely Gourmet, even though it was such an interesting drama, why was not confident?

It is not understood that the interest of the work is not broadcasted.


I’m hungry.



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