New era name noodles, part [sale discontinued]!?

Nissin has announced that it will only release curry and seafood from the “Cup noodle New era name commemorative package”, which was scheduled to be released on May 1, and will only be a classic “regular”. The “Chicken ramen” of the bag noodles is a popular support of NHK morning series “Manpuku” which was a story about the development secret, and sales including the cup noodles are urgent.It was judged that it was likely to interfere with the shipment in the current production system. The new era name Noodle was designed to emphasize the two letters of the “REI” in the package and to sell three of them on the day of revision.The new Product “Cup noodle miso”, which was just released on April 1, is also temporarily on sale.By “Morning Dora” effect, it is forced to narrow the cup noodle products, nissin food is a form that raised the “happy scream”. Http://

The new era name Noodle seems to be discontinued partially.

I didn’t even know that it was going to be released, but it’s a bit disappointing to announce that I’m quitting.   And this pattern, to say

The package is just a taste, isn’t it?

If you think about it

Which one is better?

I feel that.   It is strange that the Cup ramen is sold in the morning Dora effect.   You can see the scarcity of whisky sold out, but if you are looking at the drama, the thing that the cup ramen that you will eat soon sells.

It looks simple and delicious.

What is that thing.   Cup Noodle miso

It’s in the ramen.

It is where you want to stick with, but it seems to sell more stupid than expected.


Is it selling so much?



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