To the major performing arts office [work correction recommendation]!!

As the overtime work exceeding the upper limit, such as having been, the popular band [Southern All Stars] is a major performing arts office amuse (Tokyo), and Yoshimoto Kogyo and subsidiaries holding a lot of comedians (both Osaka) Tokyo office, the popular group EXILE “LDH JAPAN (Tokyo) had received a one after another correction recommendation from the Labor Standards Supervisory office, and it was understood by coverage to the person concerned on the 13th.Some employees worked 500 hours a month. Amuse is “very heavy and sincere,” Yoshimoto Kogyo said, “We take it seriously and respond to it in consultation with the labor base,” LDH says, “We will continue to work to improve the working environment.” Http://

The entertainment Office received a corrective recommendation.

It is an entertainment office where both famous celebrities belong.   There is an image that the entertainer of the hottest is busy somehow,

The staff who support it seems to be many work.

However, because there is a flow of the work environment improvement of the present age, I cannot do not obey it.   Because it seems to have already reached the limit state,

There may be a need to increase personnel or reduce the number of operations.

Because there is a difference of the universe in the entertainment system is famous or nameless,

Hard work to sell might be inevitable.


You seem busy.



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