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The singer, Shoko Nakagawa (age 33), reported on April 9 that he had obtained a driver’s license on Twitter.The photograph of the license that I posted is calling the topic. Nakagawa is on this day, “Driver’s license, GET IT!!!!! I did it. Ah ah ah ah ah yes I was able to pass the department, the skill, all one from provisional license!!Oh, my God. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. good. “And “Nakagawa Yoko effective until Heisei 33!It was good to be able to get a license in the end before it became a decree. AH GETWILD!!!!I continued to be excited. It is a topic with the celebration of the license acquisition, the real name described therein “Nakagawa let”.Nakagawa has revealed that his real name is hiragana in a variety program and so on. This is true when the parent named “滝沢薔 Ako”, but the ward office did not accept the birth report because it was not a kanji that can be used for the name of the person, the angry mother is hiragana, “Sho” is written and wrote “Yo” is read “Yo” I have been registered as a], but there is an episode that, this time, the real name that was described in the official certificate [Nakagawa] by showing off, who reminds me of this episode again, I’m surprised to know this episode for the first time seems to be one after another. Http://

Shoko Nakagawa seems to have obtained a driver’s license.

I think it will be a small news, but the real name is not

Try this |

That’s a surprise.   Kanji that can not be used may not be a way, because it is unlikely that registration is a mistake,

Was there a dispute between the mother and the staff?

It is a mother of Shoko Nakagawa who appeared on television in my memory, but is it still good to say?】

The impression that it was a strange person is left.

Father was also a famous person, so I inherited a little unusual part of it, it may be that the individuality of Shoko Nakagawa is formed.


How about accepting that?



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