Yayoiken, instead of some stores [charge]!!

The “Yayoi” of the set-up chain will charge the trial of the “refill” of the rice which was free up to now from 16 days in some stores in Kanto.The person in charge of the Plinas which runs the Yayoi Hotel clarified it to coverage of the Mainichi Shimbun.Of the 378 stores nationwide, there are 12 stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Tochigi and Ibaraki in 4 prefectures (about 3%). The public relations office said, “the same price was received by the person who did not make a refill from the previous one, and the opinion was gotten from the feeling of injustice.In this test, we will set the price of the meal and the free alternative, and test it as part of grasping your evaluation. “Because of the experimental introduction, the alternative fee is different depending on the implementation store, the width of 30 to 100 yen.The implementation period is undecided. Yayoi is operated by Plinas to expand the bento chain “relieved more” and offers menus such as set meals and rice bowls.It was one of the features that the rice cooker was placed in the shop, and the guest who ordered the set meal was able to do freely by a self-service method. Https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20190415-00000027-mai-bus_all

There seems to be a charge for the refill in Yayoi.

This is the thing that some stores, what is the thing that will spread from now on? It seems that there are not a few people who get shocked from users.

The price hike is very disappointing.

And when it suddenly enters that the rules are not unified

Is there a fee for this store?Is it free?

It’s annoying to worry about it, too. | Ω · It is very sad that the service raises the price hike though the price hike of food etc. enters this year.   The damage is too large to increase the consumption tax in October. Since the limit of 24 hours of convenience stores seems to be coming, is it that the service is starting to shrink in all industries?   Japan signs of economic decline?


A disappointing hike

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