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TV Tokyo’s Noriko Fukuda announcer (28) is the station system variety of 14 days broadcast [Moyamoya-sama ~ No 2 [Izu Shuzenji around ~ happening Volley!Finally, “The third generation assistant” who served two and a half years in the “serious announcement ~” was reported to graduate. On this day, I visited a hot spring in the last program, Kazuki Ohtake (51) and Masa Mimura (51) and Fukuda Ana.When Otake and Mimura are enjoying the open-air bath, Fukuda introduces the T-shirt with the message which had been ordered at the store visited early in the program.It is written, “It is a rest next week”, and two people wry smile.However, “I asked for another one (T-shirt)”, and it was reported graduation with the message written, “Noriko Fukuda will graduate from the fog” after the coat was taken off. To the sudden announcement, the two of you, “Oh seriously!And surprise.I standpoint that Mimura is “(seasonal) halfway”, and it Tsukkomi repeatedly that “it is not this timing”.Mimura said, “Isn’t it a strange time?And when asked, Ana Fukuda, who poured a large tear and Porpopolo, “but it is.With the end of Heisei, we decided to graduate in 2020, aiming to step up the sport in the year 2020. ” Two people have heard the reason, Mimura is “I can not wear it, and it is possible to cry naturally” while laughing, Otake also “I’m naked here!It is said, and Fukuda Anna also cries.Mimura also said, “That’s not going to happen so soon, is it?And I asked, “Ana Fukuda” is still allowed to join us several times?It was crying again. The time of graduation is about five to six times the rest of the year.Mimura also said, “Well, let’s do it five or six times, and do not leave,” he sent ale. The program started in April 2007.Until April 2013, Mariko OE (40) was in charge of the first assistant.The second generation was served by Kano Eri Ana (32) and graduated at the time of broadcasting on October 16, 16.Fukuda Ana is the first appearance of the broadcast times of October 23, 16, at the time of the 25-year-old Fukuda Ana, the Mimura Masa Kazu (51) was “cute” “Ooginoth (Yoko)-chan” and immediately liked, was deldere. Mr. Fukuda who updated his Twitter after the program broadcast “to everyone.Something happens in the Izu Shuzenji, we have announced the graduation from our favorite Moya.I remembered that I had spent the whole day crying because of the tension of the presentation and the feeling of sorrow.Did not barre?Hehe, “I’m happy to graduate from graduation, and I’m glad if you can continue your relationship,” he said. Http://

It seems that Anna Fukuda is graduating from the fog.

The position and character of the assistant has been established at last, but I seem to be forced to replace.   When the popularity comes out in variety,

Will it be shaped like a pull on another big show?

I feel like the viewer will go away if people change too often.   When looking back on the Fukuda Ana, it was quite elite.

The impact of Kano Ana before one is too strongest,

I had a feeling that it would be great to take over,

There is a feeling that fixed the route firmly.

Well, it was interesting at Kano Ana.   When this happens,

Who’s next?

It comes to the story, but is the assistant of the fog is a gateway to the new announcer?


Glasses china dress was good.



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