Red Chin [discontinued production] ‼

It was understood that the domestic production of the disinfectant “Marcuro chromium solution” which was nicknamed “Red Chin” is finished at the end of 2020 because it becomes red when applying it to the wound.It was clarified that Samei Pharmaceutical (Tokyo), which was considered the only manufacturer in Japan, would cease production.Products familiar to the Showa era disappear again. Red Chin was once a staple in household and school medicine.However, the domestic production of the raw materials ended in 1973 because Minamata disease caused by Mercury was recognized as pollution, and a waste liquid containing mercury was generated in the production process. Sanei Pharmaceutical, etc. continued to produce imported raw materials from overseas, but the colorless disinfectant “Maclon” appeared in 71 years, and sales were depressed. Http://

It seems that the red chin is gone.

I think that the popularity changes even by the age, but it was the one as the medicine of the kindergarten in my last memory, and it is from a teenager young person

Something that is not even known to exist

It might be.   I feel like I’m missing the memory of one of the Japan, but it feels lonely somewhere, it’s the flow of the Times |

It is a maki-Ron certainly now.

If the macron is going to treat the wound stably, it is not necessary to apply the red chin like that blood.   The products that companies produce

Because it is a meaning only when it is bought by the consumer,

It is the thing that it does not go to manufacture it just because it is nostalgic.


Thank you Red Chin



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