[I return on the regular schedule] is acclaimed evaluation ‼

Actress Yoshitaka Yuriko (30) starred in the drama “I return on a regular schedule” (TBS system) was broadcast on April 16, 2019. The same story is an original novel of the same name of a child of Akeno (Akemi’s Frog).Yui Higashiyama is the WEB director of the 32-year-old bachelor who is the motto that Yoshitaka plays to return to the regular.The pursuit of efficiency than anyone, and what is the appearance to finish the work by the time of anything, “I want to become a natural world to return on a regular schedule…” It is one after another rave about the drama.

“Clear generation” is rational!?

In the interview of “modern Business” which was published in the evening before the start of the drama broadcast, he said that he is an ice age generation, from editors in charge of the generation Why do your generation work up to the point of life? “It was sparked by a strong tone of questioning, revealing the idea of the work. Although the “clear generation” may be divided by educators, there are many general understandings The generation of students who received the training guidelines (including the implementation of a full five-day school week) in fiscal 2002 (born from April 2, 1987 to April 1, 2004).Especially in April 2018, the school year, which was the first grader of elementary School (April, 1995), was considered a “full-composure generation”, and was taken up by an economic magazine. The “clear Generation” is criticized as “passive” and “there is no perseverance” as the feature, but it is also described as “calm and rational”.When I look at the root question “Why do your generation work until the life is cut down” that the editor in charge of the aforementioned clear generation poured into Mr. Akemi, certainly in the point of pursuing rationality, It is also true that there is a sense of superiority over other generations.

What did you eat yesterday?”Chico-chan”, but…

Mr. Yoshitaka was born on July 22, 1988 (born in 1988) and is born in the second year of the “relaxed generation”. It might not be a coincidence at all that Mr. Yoshitaka is chosen to be a star of “I return on the regular schedule”.In fact, from viewers who watched the drama, “The feelings of Yuriko Yoshitaka,” and what is the voice to be impressed by the spirit to finish the work on a regular schedule, of course, “I want to work under Yuriko Yoshitaka” There is also a voice vent the hope of. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16331538/

Broadcasting of [I return on the regular schedule] has been started.

The theme of the work environment is to improve the current

I want this to happen, too.

It seems that there are many opinions.   I do not see nearly almost Japan drama, because I was wearing a TV at the timing of this drama starts by chance, if you look at the first story,

It was seen to the end as it was.


I’ll see you next week.

I feel that.   Because I am the same generation as Yuriko Yoshitaka, there might have been a part near such a generation respect.

A generation that had been completely licked with composure,

But more than the young people today

You can tolerate a little bit of waste.

That’s exactly the caught position.   Even if the younger generation is feeling a bit older than they are, the fact that they are not trying to suppress them by preaching is the worst thing they have done.   I think it’s a social trend that’s been improving,

So the concept of preaching is gone?

Are you punished by the power harassment when angry?

It is our generation that remains a little.   It is a place of the doubt when asked whether it is a correct answer, but there is an impression that it agrees comparatively in the young person, too.   That the change of the generation simply happened,

It might be necessary to accept such a flow well.


The main character is caught

→ To TBS in violation of the labor Standards Law



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