Audrey Kasuga, [woman aiming] to marry ‼

Comedy duo Audrey’s Toshiaki Kasuga (40), appeared live in the TBS system [the observation variety monitoring 3 hours SP] of the 18-day broadcast, “Woman aiming” I announced that I proposed to the general woman Gumi-san.The pattern will be broadcast in the program. At the beginning of the program, Kasuga appeared with the regular members of the program “From My Kasuga live broadcast, there is a wonderful present to everyone of the people!The report said.The MC’s black mayonnaise, Ryuichi Kosugi, said, “Kasuga decided to get married and had a full-time commitment to the proposal for 120 days! We will send you all the records in an emergency broadcast tonight!The first public of the face of the woman of the other party, and the popular duo Yuzu to the proposal also revealed the cooperation. Kasuga was reported to have decided to marry a woman in a relationship in the photo weekly magazine [FRIDAY] released on February 15, “the headline is different in the evening radio Audrey’s All Night Japan 16.”I’m trying to marry you,” he said, “I’m aiming for it,” the marriage was denied. Then, in the radio event at the Japan Martial arts Hall on March 2, it was a nuisance to become an article in ‘ FRIDAY ‘, I confess that I enjoyed staying at a luxury ryokan of 110,000 yen roused.Masayasu Wakabayashi was surprised by a loud voice, and cheers came up from the hall. Http://

It seems that Audrey Kasuga is getting married.

It was unexpected to be in shape to cooperate with such a TV program.   The thing to be announced in the monitoring, when you perform,

A contract to announce on this show

It is a thing that has been done.   Even so, I’ve been dating her for a long time.

Woman Aiming | Ω ·

Was there a need to stick to the end?

And whether there was laughter in the expression is a mystery,

It is wonderful to get married and have a good marriage.   While Audrey is a strange character in the way of Kasuga, I‘m sure Kasuga is more serious person when listening to the radio.

My private life is usually a good person (laughs)

When you get married, will the woman who is aiming farmer marriage possible to the Mussusou?


It’s surprisingly fine.



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