Photo Album of SKE48 Suda akari [not sold at all] ‼

SKE48 (27) appeared on the 20th Japan Television System “Ariyoshi Reflection Association” (11 and 30 after Saturday) and confessed that the sales of the first photo book became an unexpected situation. He won about 150,000 votes in the AKB election elections last year, and the second place was brilliantly crowned Suda.The first photo collection of the wish Suda is Notsu to nori [how to become cute] but [I, SKE48 ‘s Suda Arisa is despite the release of the photo collection over a considerable time and money, such as filming location and costume, I came to reflect that it was not selling at all, “Zange. The photograph collection of the top idol might sell hundreds of thousands of parts, and it is calling a big reaction at the people.In the midst of this, the AKB group’s popular Suda also stayed in the hotel’s super-luxury suite in the Caribbean resort, taking money and time.In addition, the appearance was introduced in the SNS of itself before the release, and the first photograph collection was released in Ballyhoo.Despite this, the 15000 sales of the worst in the history of the AKB photo book release.In this, Suda also “is really embarrassing.I want you to forgive me because I pay anything for money… “Tajitaji.From the MC Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (44) “I got barre that there is no demand”, Suda “I want to somehow.I’m worried about it. ” “The photo collection is really beautiful.The body is also unexpectedly hot.The hips are tight, and I put on T-back, and it is said, “the person of the fan who comes to the handshake meeting also says,” I am sorry, and have not bought it yet “.I’m not interested in the appearance of the fans, “the fans who voted for the election in general were exposed to the current situation is not buying a photo book of Suda. Ariyoshi to such Suda is “Where are you interested then?And stick without split second, Hakata Daikichi (48) involuntarily [(with the fan) distance is too close, the swimsuit is not seen on the contrary “or put a follow, the studio is the top idol of Suda sharp yili exploded against the appearance. “I’m sticking to the handshake session,” Suda said.”You’ve never seen it, Mr. Suda’s handshake.It is completely different from other members.”Oh, I’m a fan of that” feeling that there is also a boost, arikichi to experience the handshake meeting of the Pride of Suda, “but because I do not like the face…” is reflected and the settlement.It is attention to the behavior after the reflection of Suda. Http://

It seems that the photograph collection of Arisa Suda is not selling at all.

As the second place in the AKB selection general election

It is not selling horribly.

It is a place where I think that it sells even if I hate it if I am active up there, is it that there is no consumer’s need? Demand and supply are very interesting.

I want to cheer but I don’t want to leave a photo book at hand paying money

Is that it?   If you think of it as a variety of neta might be a good story.   However, it is a wonderful talent because it is possible to go up to there by the appearance that the photograph collection does not sell when the idea is changed.   There was a minister in charge of the Olympics resigned the other day, with such a barrage of faux pas, people who do not know anything

You’ve often climbed up to the minister.

It seems to be a little linked with the case.   If the existence of a talent is clear, it might be able to be said that it is grateful.


Then where are you interested?(Lol)



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