[AAA] Urata arrested for allegedly assaulting a suspect ‼

Six men and women, “AAA” leader Urata Naoya (36), was arrested in the Metropolitan Police Department for assaulting a woman who did not know at a convenience store in 20 days, it was understood by coverage to officials. At about 5:00 a.m. on the 19th, she spoke to a woman in her twenties who was not acquainted at a convenience store in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, but was angry that she would not be invited and slapped her cheek with a slap.At that time, the urata suspect was drunk and says he doesn’t remember. According to the officials, Urata suspect is bad drinking habit, last March drunk “Ayu sister, Love,” “I want to meet and embrace the death of Ayu (original mom)”, the love of the singer and Hamasaki Ayumi (40) on their own Twitter has also posted in succession.A series of tweets have been deleted, but the fans were criticized for being “sorry” and “having awareness as entertainers”. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16346810/

AAA leader has been arrested

Naoya Urata Even if it is said that it is a suspect, it is existence that the face is not understood if it is honest fan.   He was turned down by picking up a convenience store.

What is a slap in a woman?

It is fully open.   Even though the fans themselves and others are made up by the fan, this is going to happen, I would like to say that the awareness of the professional is insufficient, please come back to confirm the awareness again

Not a celebrity of the level that

It is an honest impression.   I may be able to revive as a singer in my position, but I can’t even sing anything anymore.


Celebrities of that degree



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