Jonio Iwai, a suit in plainclothes [from high school] ⁉

A comedy duo, Iwaigawa, and a man of the Iwai Joi held a commemorative talk show in Tokyo on Saturday, the “Phantom Melancholy Uncle” (23rd release).“(Geifu’s) suit is David Bowie comes from while revealing that the fan base has changed,” The young woman has become more and more able to speak to the Insta.I have been wearing it since my high school days, “he explained. He is a privately-appointed “40s-50s” Joni man.After going through the valet of Tamori (driver), he formed a duo in 2003, and is showing off the story in the “Showa Salaried Man” style called Chobibeard in the black edge spectacle & suit side divided.About the model of the suit figure is “Bowie comes from.I started wearing a suit suddenly from the 1980s, and in those days, “this!I thought, “I confess. “It was good to have bought the suit consciously, but it was not thought that it was David Bowie in the Sprout of the Chobibeard.I think that I can still go from the neck down, “Chaplin” (suit) while I wore it from high school, and was walking in the town in the school and the private make-up, but the band etc. did not do, “shemale” It was said, “and it looked back. In the influence of wearing a suit like now in high school “I have been to Disneyland on a date once, the child was stunned to see my plainclothes.It’s not like we’re lined up, but at that time, it’s too hard!And I went back “and also conveyed bitter memories. In addition, it is now called “the last Showa comedian”, which attracts a wide range of age groups as “uncle who shines too Insta”.’ ‘ Insta started around April last year.The fan base has changed.Up to now, as if to see the people of the Taisho era, “I’m just like my grandpa,” or… “And laughing,” from a woman in the 20s to 30s, “I have seen Insta,” I have often been multiplied by the voice.My daughter is a high school student, but my classmates follow me.The Times have changed! I think I’m looking like a popular period or rather, “I thought calmly analyzed. Https://

Iwai Joni Man is a mystery.

It is usually impossible to wear suits in plain clothes from high school.   And now I have a petit break as a celebrity,

It is not uncommon for men to know that their age is non-publicized.

In a collection of synchronized performers

Age older

Is that the thing?   The world is a little interesting, just not to worry about it.   Businessman style of Showa seems to be the current topic, but when the era of the Japanese decree begins to end Heisei,

The generation that understands and the generation which does not understand will become halves.

I want you to keep your style.


It looks like he’s hiding his identity.



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