The loss of Mr. Masayoshi, SoftBank [14.5 billion yen] ⁉

Dow Jones News reported on Friday that the SoftBank Group’s son Justice chairman and president failed to invest in Bitcoin in the virtual currency and had a loss of more than 130 million dollars (about 14.5 billion yen).It is going to talk about multiple parties.A spokeswoman for the group said “withhold comment.” According to news reports, Mr. Grandson bought a high-priced Bitcoin in late 2017.It was sold in the early 18 years when the market plunged, and the loss was put out.The specific amount of investment is unknown. Mr. Sun said he had invested in the recommendations of executives of the “Fortress Investment Group”, a U.S. investment firm under the SoftBank Group. Http://

Mr. Son Justice seems to have put out a big loss.

The fact that the spokesperson has refrained from commenting,

Real information

.   This time it seems to have been a loss in bitcoin investment, 14.5 billion yen in the form of a loss.

How much would it have been if it had been successful?

Well 14.5 billion yen I do not think that SoftBank will become a bad thing, but is it that the bitcoin is uncertain that much?   There’s a moment everywhere

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

I was alone in the topic of, but recently will not listen at all, why or anywhere

○ ○ Pay

I entered the era of.   They both turn into cash,

Whether new banknotes will be circulated

Personally, I’m curious.


The loss of his grandson



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