The probability of the ⁉

Lawson from May 1, in the probability of 1/1000 in the “Fried chicken” (regular red cheese), the branding of the new era name and the Japanese-style press “from Rea” to put and sell. “Karakaskun” was born on April 15, 1986, and over the years of Showa-Heisei to the three eras, the signboard product of Lawson that has been loved for a long time in 33. From the thought of “I want to enjoy the more from the” from 2013, I began to give Khun from Rea branding the character of the “fairy” from the idea, from the (1/1000 probability). From May 1, in addition to this version of the Japanese style, this fairy version, and the probability 1/4000 and even more rare “kakage kun fairy King” You may also meet. Http://

It seems that the version of the Japanese style appeared in the Karakup Kun.

The thing that the Heisei Emperor is coming is a new era in the well-being in good health, because it is a sense festive mood, I think it is fun to have a playful,

The idea of the technology of putting a burn mark is the Showa era.

Even so, I never thought that there was a 33-year history in giving up.

He was older than himself.


Technology in Showa



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