Yamaguchi Maho of the assault damage [graduation announcement] ‼

Team G of the idol group NGT48, which is based in Niigata, receives the performance of “rising Up” in the NGT48 Theater on the 21st, and received the assault damage Yamaguchi Maho (23) performed in the performance Buri 101 days.When he finished singing in encore, he announced his graduation from the group. Yamaguchi who announced the graduation in the last greeting of the performance conveyed the thought of chagrin, saying that the letter which had been prepared was read aloud, and “there is only graduation to be able to do for the NGT48 to me now” while smiling. While looking back on the case, I also thought, “This time, I thought it was good to be NGT48.However, I am happy that I was able to meet all of you in this way with everyone standing on stage, performing together and cheering fans.I think it was good to be a NGT48, “said Yamaguchi, who thanked members and fans for his tears.Finally, I want everyone to live straight and smile at the end of my life. On this day, she graduated with Reina Hasegawa (18) and Riko Sugawara (18) prior to Yamaguchi.Yamaguchi thanked the two and Murumo Hayate Kaori, saying, “I decided to make this announcement when everyone’s future is decided.” Pacifico Yokohama is the last handshake meeting on May 5th and 6th.The final activity is the theater performance on May 18.Both Hasegawa and Sugawara, who announced their graduation, also graduated with this day. At the beginning of my introduction, “Maho Yamaguchi” is a greeting and cheers from the fans.Touch about the incident “I’m sorry for your concern,” and lowered his head, “I was really happy to be a part of team G every day, I was happy to live idle after the team G.It will be the last performance to be greeted with a member of such a team G, but I want to enjoy the life of the festival and make it to the performance that I will not be forgotten!It was elan. Yamaguchi complained in real-time on Twitter about the report of the survey results by the third party Committee on 21 September last month.”Why do I have to be hurt by the company even after the incident happened,” he complained.Moreover, it was reported that it told the frame of mind that “I do not want tomorrow to come” by the mail for the paid member on the previous day. NGT48, Yamaguchi, in December last year, was assaulted by two men pushed to his home, involvement of members, the management side of the non-correspondence between the early morning of January 8 to 9 days video distribution and SNS confessed.In the third anniversary performance held at the NGT48 Theater in Niigata City on January 10, Yamaguchi of the victim apologized for the uproar and spread the ripples. After that, AKS, which operates the NGT48, has established a third party committee and conducted a survey, but in the report meeting, such as Yamaguchi himself denies on Twitter, the prospect of convergence is not standing, the 11th of this month, “NGT48 canceled the current Team System, We have decided to start anew as a NGT48 and research student, “said the team’s dissolution.After it was discovered in January this year that a member of Yamaguchi suffered an assault damage in December, the performance of the research student and the solo performance had been performed, but the team performance was not performed.All of the theaters scheduled for the first half of April were closed. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16350915/

Maho Yamaguchi in NGT48 announced his graduation.

Is it correct that she who is the victim of the assault case is forced to graduate?   The people who run the group have different information from the facts.

It is true that we tried to destruction the evidence.

The adult of the management side which tries to end in such a shape, is not it mental somehow?

It will be a burden to the body because it is a translation that is definitely working evil.

And it is a strange story that the member who gave information to the criminal is not a bid. What kind of motivation do you continue to work on?

It will not work well with the cross on the shoulder.

The only way to solve the problem is not how to operate, but to apologize come forward

You missed the timing.

It is the one that it is seen that the bad thing is caught in the future and the mishap comes down to itself.   After the barre

Had been forbidden to operate.

It is the one that an excuse seems to be imagined.   Since the management side is beyond the realm of black companies, will it lead to something legal in the future?


I’ll be looking for the culprit.



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