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The announcer (28), who is a TV Asahi, raises doubts about the trend of “marriage = Happiness” and calls the topic on SNS. Ana is a guest performer at “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” (1/00) at midnight on Saturday, 20.Toshiaki Kasuga (40) was successful in the proposal 18 days of “Ningen Observation variety Monitoring” (TBS series) “I watched at 1.5 speed” and while messing with Kasuga “Congratulations on your marriage.”Really bless you, “said Goldin. In such a way, when two people asked about their desire to marry, “Am I supposed to marry?”It is the person who thinks, “.In addition, “Why do people have to get married?Or are you thinking ‘ marriage = Happiness ‘? It’s a bit of a central idea… “Frankly speaking, I wrapped my surroundings in laughter again. Also, “Are people on the side who are not married like me or Wakabayashi (Masayasu) not happy?”I would like to ask the world about that”, “is there a desire to marry?The question “wack” and cut the scene. The SNS also reacted to Ana’s original marriage view.In addition to the voice that goes along with the “surely married children,” the trend of the tendency to impose, “it is not to decide whether it is happy or other”, “it is not happy even if it is single” and “it is meaningless even if the race of happiness in the marriage” was scattered. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16364596/

Ana has a guest appearance on the radio.

The program is Audrey’s All-night Nippon. I took this article because it was very interesting to hear.   Because of the TV Asahi, Hiroin-chan

The announcer who is pampered and is cutie

I was impressed by the feeling that such an ordinary image was overturned.   Well, I think that it is a standpoint to be pampered, but the idea of things is interesting, and whether it is contemporary or rather unique, it was interesting that there was also a part to sympathize.   Recently, such as gender-less society, and the trend is beginning to move to eliminate the boundaries of each and equal,

Are there more people who think so?

I’m not the level that I want to lose the border,

I think that it is good even if there is a ease which can come and go the boundary line more.

The border between the celebrity and the amateur is ambiguous in the example that is easy to understand.

Sometimes it’s better to have someone who will be a little uber-bar?

I appreciate the environment you can do right away when you think you want to. I think that it is also a problem to come out a ton of demonstrations like the Ichidai Matsui well.   It seems to be aiming at the revolutionist in the standpoint of announcer of TV Asahi at the relay point, and it wants to revolutionize together.


Don’t be a political revolutionist



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