Audrey Kasuga, apologized to the fiance at [1 million yen cash] ‼

Audrey’s Toshiaki Kasuga was subjected to a big public execution.On April 27, in the radio program “Audrey’s All Night Nippon”, Kasuga apologized in each direction about the secret meeting with the blonde beauty that was published by ‘ FRIDAY ‘. On April 18, the “Ningen Observation variety monitoring 3 hours SP” (TBS system), Kasuga is public proposal to gumi of the dog cafe clerk who has been dating for 11 years.Mr. Gumi, “There was a waiting paddle” and accepted to the festive mood. However, it was reported that Kasuga took the blond beauty to the house ten days ago of the proposal in ‘ FRIDAY ‘ which was released on the 26th. At the beginning of the program is the sermon time from Wakabayashi, “the piled up is out.This is not the only incident.A sense of responsibility to workBecause it is dyed way of the easy-to-understand entertainer, it is piled up and it becomes this.Don’t say this.The school or here was a big eyeball. Mr. Gumi from the middle also appeared on the phone. “I’m really sorry about something.It is fuss.This is really a reflection.Today, I was really thinking about bringing in a into rage, but now I feel bad when I see his face. ” It is said that Kasuga has not been able to contact Mr. Gumi since the report.Wakabayashi said “I heard from Mr. Gumi, but did you take a million in a suit to apologize to Gumi’s house?And then, Kasuga said, “I do not know what to do, on a moped in the middle of the night…”. However, Mr. Gumi did not come out of the house, and this radio was a conversation after a long time. Wakabayashi: “You, this is not money.I pulled it.When I was in my twenties, I suddenly ran into an ATM to fight and break up.It was a thousand yen when I came back.The 1000 yen at that time is one million yen now.I was in a career “and again scolded Kasuga. Kasuga is scolded by Wakabayashi, and toward Mr. Gumi “I’m going to stop drinking anymore.We will change what we see as a form.I’m really sorry, “I apologize again. In the end, Mr. Gumi, “I think I’m the only one to look after the end,” I accepted the apology. Http://

Audrey Kasuga is too early to gossip.

It seems to have been secretly meeting with the blond beauty ten days before the proposal.

It is the act of betraying many people |

There was a woman of fiance on the phone on the radio live

It was a perfect response.

Even though my fiance was the one who took the most damage because of my value being lowered.   The width of the work will be narrowed because it is kasuga that the sweetness of such a side was exposed.   It is Kasuga that has kept the favorability by not showing the feeling that it is in a variety program, but it is clear that it betrayed the trust of a lot of people in this case.   It is wakabayashi of partner that had continued progress while being sharp in the program,

I think you’re really angry.

I also received the impression that.   It is only a nuisance from partner.   It is Kasuga who said not to participate in the meeting, etc.

The type that betrays it many times saying so

Then, it might be possible to disappear from the television.


No good type



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