Pierre Taki, in Top secret [hospital visit] ⁉

Taki defendant who came out of the medical facility.As officials guarded the Gachi, they quickly entered into the wagon car.

A medical facility in the suburbs of TokyoA large man showed up from the overtime exit of the emergency outpatient pall the evening book.The man finds a black wagon and gets into the car by bending his body to the character of the letter.The people around them surround the wagon and guard the men from the outside.From the high alert stance Buri, a lurid atmosphere comes through. The man was charged with violating the drug enforcement law as he ingested cocaine, a member of the ‘ Electric Groove ‘ and actor Pierre Taki, Defendant (52). For a week from bail, the defendant, Taki, had disappeared.It was in the middle of April that this magazine caught him. On this day, the defendant arrived at the hospital in a wagon car at 4:30 p.m., and went to the entrance of emergency outpatient.The car was crossed there, and it entered the hospital.The scene at the beginning was two and a half hours later, when the defendant, who finished the examination, was to leave the hospital. In response to police interrogation, Taki accused said he had been using cocaine since his twenties.It is paradigm wasn’t that he has finally started the addiction treatment, which is a complete drug junkie, but it is worrisome that the hospital destination.The Masako opens was one of the leading drug treatment facilities in the country. “Taki Defendant attends a state-of-the-art hospital where celebrities and top-notch companies visit incognito for addiction treatment.It is intended for a wide range of addiction, including drugs and alcohol.It seems to have been considerably edgy by the hospital side that the defendant of Taki came.The arrests were due to the ministry’s jurisdiction (Matri) (Drug Enforcement Department).In such a background, the hospital was using the nerve enough to inform the Ministry that the defendant is coming to the waterfall to avoid confusion “(medical professionals) the treatment of the defendant Taki began in a situation that can be said that strange, The use of illegal drugs in the first place is extremely high conviction rate.I wonder if he can rehabilitate without slipping (drug re-use). “The hospital that he attends is an important group therapy.It is a technique to move away from the drug by overlapping group work and discussion with peers with the same addiction.Taki is a celebrity as much as the defendant, the group’s friends also care.First of all, it is likely to be able to blend in the first barrier.In addition, there are a lot of people who slip by all means in the patient of the drug dependence.In order to prevent this, it is also effective to use multiple medical facilities.In short, I put in a rehabilitation program so that I have no time to use the meds. “(http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16375474/)

Pierre Taki seems to be in a top secret hospital.

The place that comes out of the police station is a peak in the media, and after that, it is not taken up too much on television.   What viewers want to see is still

What kind of expression is it?

Do you speak in your own words?

It will be a part such as.   Because it seems to have been using cocaine since I was in my twenties, I will be having a hard time now in the situation that I was not able to use after being arrested suddenly.   In addition, because it will be a huge minus in the contract of entertainment system,

That alone is a very big problem.

Even though it was a position that had gone out to the television and the drama to become famous only that

I haven’t been able to stop it.

It is true, and I want to be aware that there is such fear in drugs and cannabis.   Because it is a translation that comes into contact with dealers in some way, suspicious people, suspicious place

It is very important to physically distance yourself.


There’s no cure.



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