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The start of the game was delayed by the influence of the first pitch ceremony that Nana Suzuki of talent served in the professional baseball “Rakuten-Lotte” (Rakuten Life Park Miyagi) which took place on the 27th, and the criticism was flooded from the visitor and the fan. From the fact that Suzuki was performing the event as the “Taishiday”, the Prince of Food, which was the image of the character, the company was 28, and the official Twitter said, “We were very sorry that we had trouble.” Suzuki, who went up to the mound on the day, said “wait and wait” for Lotte Ogino at the bat and Rakuten Shima for the starting mask.Go!He threw the ball with shouting more than ten times, and goofy the mascot that had been waiting for him to stop the pitching motion once. However, the cold rain and the start of the game are imminent.”It’s balk” and the fans who were laughing started getting irritated gradually, “throw it fast!”And Roar flew.The mascot urges the watch with a pose, and Suzuki finally throws it.It bounced in front of the catcher and crouched on the spot with “Wow” chagrined. After the pitch, he guessed the strange air, and Suzuki went to the bench with a dash.However, the start of the game was delayed by four minutes due to the delay of the first pitch.Then, through the team, “I was very nervous, I missed the timing to throw,” also announced the comments. The players are ahead of the game and the fans are waiting for the ball.The starting pitcher makes the shoulder with the bull pen to match the play ball and is conditioning.It was not helped even if it was taken that the action that Suzuki blank both hands and both knees to the mound which lacked consideration to the starting pitcher.Rakuten’s starter and Mima collapsed on the rise, and it was five runs by two times, and there was a voice on the net which tied the factor to the start ball of Suzuki, too. In recent years, the stiff fastball of the golden Bomber, Bi Kenji and EXILE, GENERATIONS Sekiguchi Mendee, and Ami Inamura, was a topic of professional baseball.In the DeNA match, the talent, Shingo Yanagisawa, and the Ostrich club have made fans laugh at the beginning of the game, but they were taking enough time to start the match. This time, the beginning of the ball that Suzuki performed is the usual one that the supervisor does after the member exchange.Suzuki might have wanted to fulfill his “work” as a talent at a slight cast time.However, the main character is a player.Because it lacked the minimum “consciousness” of the side where the beginning ball was done, the Prince food also “we regret deeply that it was insufficient preparation and explanation of the sponsor”, and has developed to the situation to apologize. Http://

It is a flood of criticism to the beginning of the ceremony of Nana Suzuki.

I saw the video,

You’re completely out of your eyes.

It might be such a thing to reflect a lot even in one second if it is a variety program, but I am completely mistaken in the standpoint.   If someone had taken such an action by being admonider, the victim is also a little poor in the person himself, if you have made a delay in your judgment,

It is a completely annoying act.

For athletes to play in a tense game over their life,

What if an important sphere is affected?

I think that it is not called anymore, but I should have vote my position a little more.


Misunderstanding the leading Role



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