What is an ice cream with tuna ⁉

The sale of soft ice cream with tuna from Fukura, Aomori Prefecture began in Fukura town from 27. The “Fukura Tuna Ice Cream” was released by President Ishizaki of Fukura-cho and Fukura tuna Food Promotion Council. “Fukaura Tuna soft ice cream” is red, and silver is the image of the fish body, and the black tuna powder of Fukaura is 0.One gram is being kneaded. I wonder if I can feel the flavor of the fish… Fukaura Town and Mayor Yoshida “it is dense.The vanilla flavor is rich and sweet.After all, the impact of the feeling that I saw is strong, and it does not look good, but it is delicious when I eat it, so the gap is not very interesting. ” Fukaura Tuna ice cream is sold for 350 yen including tax in the Magste cafeteria of Fukaura Town office from 27 to 30 November. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16382133/

It seems that there is an ice cream with tuna.

Because it is sold in Aomori Prefecture,

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That’s true.

That fish tuna normally, right?

It is the impact that I want to confirm.   However, it is a very delicate point whether it is possible to express tuna with the dashi powder. It was a vanilla ice cream with a dashi flavor.   Is there a difference in the color of gray and red?   It is full of feeling that you are trying to buy something looks like, if you caught the first-class tuna nearby, I feel like you want to compete in the real thing.

I just don’t want to eat a real tuna-flavored ice cream.

After all, it is necessary to make use of the genre that each is good, and tuna is totem pole in the sweets world.


It’s good to be separate.



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