B’z Inaba Koshi in Shibuya Station [selfie] ⁉

On May 2, B’z Inaba Hiroshi (54) posted on the official Instagram B’z the selfie at Shibuya Station.On Twitter, “Inaba-san” is a trend and has become a topic. B’z released the album “NEW LOVE” on May 29th.With this release, a huge advertisement is being developed on the wall of the Tokyu department store Toyoko shop in Shibuya Station from 1 to 14 days. In such a situation, Inaba is on the official Instagram of B’z “Here I am!!” Posted a photo of himself along with the comment.In the photograph, the appearance of Inaba who was taking a selfie with a smile was projected on the back of an outdoor signboard of the new album drawn with “Heisei” and “Rei” in front of Shibuya station. Inaba is wearing sunglasses, but it is not a particularly conspicuous disguise and has not been noticed by the people around him.I hope this post is over 50,000! And flooded with more than 2,000 comments.The fans were also surprised by the voices. Oh, my God! The crowds are hidden in Shibuya, and the God who hid the halo in Tokyo descended, “ER!!! Don’t you notice anyone nearby?The Incognito is too perfect!”The B’z 30TH YEAR EXHIBITION” SCENES “1988”, which was held last year, was also exhibited by visitors.The fans were surprised to report their appearance. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16404123/

Hiroshi Inaba seems to have appeared in Shibuya.

Shibuya Station is in the middle of a terrible city, but it is something that is not noticed unexpectedly.   Even if you notice that the other person is Hiroshi Inaba

I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk to you.

It is not possible to talk in the situation where it is not confident whether the person in question is the owner of a strong mental.   Surprisingly, real stars such as musicians

There are few chances to get on TV,

Compared to the entertainer who has been exposed to the TV program, I might not barre unexpectedly.   I feel that it seems to be able to maintain popularity without doing official Instagram if I become a B’z class,

To be active for a long time,

That kind of effort may also be necessary.


It’s hard to talk if you find it.



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