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In the former AKB48 group general director, a talent and singer Minami Takahashi (28) married a general man who worked on IT related to the 15-year-old in a relationship. Takahashi will update the official Instagram and the like, “we will report that we have registered on May 1,” reported the marriage.”He was born in the Showa era of 15 years older, and when I was born in Heisei, I started a relationship in May, and decided to walk as a family with the beginnings of a new era of” The Japanese “,” said the reason for “the Japanese Day”. As for the man who becomes a husband, he is very gentle, and he is a kind person who is very fond of my home’s difficult cat.Every day, smiles are constantly being supported. ” Takahashi is not pregnant and continues to work in the future.”I would like to build a home that seems to us in the future, while cooperating with my wife and husband.I will continue to devote more effort to work than ever before, so I would be happy if I watched warmly in the future, “spelled said. They started dating in May, 16 after graduating from Takahashi’s AKB48, and married in about three years.In the original “God 7 (Seven)” of AKB48, Atsuko Maeda (27) married to actor Katsuji Ryo (32) in July of last year, followed by Mariko Shinoda (33), who was married to a beauty salon and other management businessman in February, and became the third player. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16401559/

The former AKB Takahashi Minami was married.

It is a very Japanese marriage.   Well, the thing that era name became a REI, and it is a translation of all the Japanese marriage

I guess it’s too natural to say a little more.

However, when the general man and the entertainer who work are married, not the company president and the manager, etc.

It is a strange feeling that somehow impression is good.

Even though we do not know what kind of person the other person is, it might be that we judge it by a vague social image.   However, it seems to be a serious woman idol.   While it is good to be active in the idol, graduated at some age, and sell themselves separately after graduation, because it is a match of the appearance frame even if it became the mama sauce to marry.

Because I think that the idol gets married and a lot of fans leave,

I think it is hard to sell.   Some of the characters are overflowing with talent and individuality, but it may be that the system is well built up in a sense because it is a bit of a hurdle to marry a normal person.


Graduation almost without Blake



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