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The emperor abdicated on April 30th, and the Prince crowned the new Emperor one day. The era name became a decree from Heisei by the substitution according to the Abdication special law.He said, “I sincerely thank the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol” on the 30th day of the abdication of the State Affairs Act, “the Emperor of the throne of the Lord abdication”. He abdicates and “Joko”, and Michiko becomes “Empress”, and it retreats from all public affairs in the future. His Majesty, Joko (Joko) is 85 years old.In August 2016, a video message was released to reveal the intention to abdicate with the elderly.After the government’s examination, in June 2005, a special law was established for the Imperial family to abdicate as long as possible.This was achieved by the abdication of the Buri 202 years since the Emperor of the Light case in 1817. The new emperor is 59 years old.The new Empress Masako is 55 years old.The 53-year-old Prince Akishino became “the Emperor” of the Crown Prince treatment, and the heir of the throne was Prince Akishino in order from the top, and the eldest son of the Prince Akishino family was only three people of the 12-year-old Yu Jin, 83 years old. Along with the new Emperor’s throne, the emperor of the Imperial Palace will take over the sacred treasures, which is a sign of the throne, from 10:30 a.m. on the first day of the ceremony, and the new Εm’s will speak from 11:10am. The ceremony of the morning view after the coronation is held as a National affairs act. Joko was abdicated on April 30 at the palace from 5pm to constitutional government’s first abdication in history.In addition to Michiko and the new emperor, Mr. and Mrs. Prince Akishino, the chief of three rights, ministers, and 294 local representatives attended.The last “word” was described in the reign as Mr. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was said, “it was possible to have today, and to finish the duty as the emperor” after it had described, “it is up to make a deep esteem and a sense of gratitude once renewed now” on behalf of the people.It was recollection to be able to do the Emperor’s duty with deep trust and respect to the people.I sincerely hope that the era of the Japanese-style “peace and fruitful, together with the Empress, will be peaceful and happy for the people of our country and the world”.The ritual ended in about ten minutes. Http://

The era of the Japanese dynasty was beginning to open.

Yesterday was a catch phrase such as New Year’s Eve of the era, was full of special number, unlike the New Year,

It was a peculiar atmosphere that the program was usually done, too.

Well there is no rule when the times switch.   And today is the first day of the dynasty, why?

The special feeling like the time of New Year’s Day is not as a feeling that it is not? | Ω ·

Just because the naming of the Times has changed, there seems to be no special uplifting feeling.   However, it is a very unusual thing that the former emperor receives a new age in a healthy state,

I personally think that it is good in a festive mood almost today.

It is not a thing that it is a festive mood to binge drinking sake, each in each place

Isn’t it good to feel happy in your heart?

There is no particular material change occurs in the things that change the times, the timing of the best switching, including the meaning of the bearers,

It might be good to try resetting the spirit.


The Japanese will become more and more commonplace.



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