The rumor of the SMAP [re-formation] in 2020 ⁉

“Five people will rally again in 2020”-.The popular psychics have predicted this or not.The trend of the idol group SMAP of the Heisei maximum has been talked about in the age. A 16-year dissolution drama reported that the economic effect was 63.6 billion yen.In the feature of the general publication of the Heisei, the Japan Music Copyright Association (JASRAC) announced that SMAP was “only one flower in the World” as a song with a lot of distribution of royalties.For a limited time event or whatever, if five former members appeared on the same stage, the fans would be delighted and the show would rise.Then, if there is a day of resurrection, when and what timing? ■ Keeman is the director of the Tokyo Olympics “There is a view of 20 years again next year”, the entertainment journalist in charge of Johnny’s says so. “The fans are paying attention to the expectations of the Tokyo Olympics and one of the directors of the Paralympic open closing ceremony,” said Hiroshi Sasaki, director of CM.Mr. Sasaki has worked on many popular COMMERCIALS such as SoftBank’s Shirato family series, and there are also SMAP-related, such as Toyota Motor COMMERCIALS where beat Takeshi and Takuya Kimura played with Hideyoshi and Nobunaga.The Paralympic supporters are SMAP, and after the dissolution, the independent pair from Johnny’s, Inagaki and 磲, and Katori’s three groups have taken over.It might be a surprise that Nakai and Kimura will appear in one of the events of the opening closing ceremony.There were a variety of five, but if you do not lose the handicap, it becomes an appeal that the dream comes true if you try, and it is a great opportunity that there is no more as a place of re-gathering “Speaking of handy to re-gather the former members, There will be a feud ill feeling lying between Kimura and the independent three who have decided to remain in the Johnny’s of independence from the last minute. The ■ Residue and the autumn wave from Masahiro Nakai, the leader Nakai Masahiro, has been sending messages reminiscent of the reunion with the members of the group since entering this year, and turning back memories of the SMAP era.There are a lot of critical opinions Nakai as the duplicity which does not destroy the relation to Johnny’s while threatening the reunion though the weekly magazine is often featured in this.Now, what is the fact?The reporter in charge said, “There is a part which cannot be helped in the standpoint of Nakai”. “In the case of the dissolution, Nakai gave up independence because he knew that Johnny’s was holding the rights to all the songs in SMAP.In a word, it cannot sing at the same time as independence.There was also a story of “What Are you doing” and vomits to the lack of setup of former chief managers who led independence.Even so, you may not have the eye to join the new map, but it is only a disadvantage.Because it is the one of the Crown program that the Nakai has in the commercial broadcast now, and the regular program belongs to the Johnny’s, it will end all at the same time as independence.It is that it is not possible to throw away the desire to SMAP even if it is bound by such a painful situation if it is said that it stood on the Nakai side, too. “Kimura is Kimura, and he is a solo entertainer of Johnny’s, actor, and has appeared in movies, Variety, and CM , And foot the SMAP of the age of the fellow in the era is the idea that I forgot to clean. ■ Business “Once again Dream” “and I got to take the relationship with Katori was dangerous in the uproar, and ex-members, there seems to be a variety of exchanges after dissolution,” said the entertainment desk of a certain weekly magazine.In such a situation, is there a possibility of re-gathering, revival, and re-formation?A certain entertainment producer sees this. “As a business, the timing would be when the SMAP crown was also needed for the five of them and the people involved.The “new map” of the independent three people appeared in the movie and the CM, but disappeared completely from the terrestrial wave of the television.The movie The and the Beautiful World which went out by three people is said by the screening hall and the mobilization number in the whole country, and because the spectator did not have 50 people a day, it cannot be said that it is good in the future well now.Because you will not expect her the hand of the Jillian poverty, the great success of the retired box office of Amuro Amuro, and the box office of their junior storm canceled, I think that the voice of whether to take action something and aim for the recovery of the lost land springing up from the official. ” Johnny’s and independence, the glory of the SMAP era is just getting farther.That is why, even if the dream is fulfilled once, whether it will be accepted in the new era…….SMAP re-formed in the world of ease. Http://

There seems to be rumors of the SMAP reunion.

After all, it is the year of the Tokyo Olympics held in 2020 next year.

Is there any more events?

It is a level.   If the re-formation of the SMAP is overlapping there, I think it will be a tremendous upsurge, but to be re-formed in such a short period of time,

Personally, I can’t think about it.

If you’re going to have a reunion in a few years,

Then why did you break up?

I’m going to be talking about it. | ω) However, if the Johnny’s office remains to be an independent deployment,

Is there no such possibility?

I also feel that.   Anyway, the reunion is a little too early next year, isn’t it?


Not next year.



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