Famima T Card, new issue [end] ⁉

According to the announcement of FamilyMart, in accordance with the company to start the settlement service “Fampei” from July, it is likely to terminate the new issue of “Famima T card” at the store on May 31. Although the T-card on hand is still available, FamilyMart will introduce not only Fampei but also “D point” and “Rakuten Point” from November.Therefore, the presence of the T point will fade in the acceleration in the future. While Family Mart is coming out of the camp following the SoftBank, T point with a sense that the restraints of “one industry one company” became a disaster.What kind of breakthrough is the CCC going to come up with as the TSUTAYA of the store is organized? Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16424288/

It seems that the new issue of Famima T card is finished.

T point to pay if FamilyMart

Although it was common sense so far, it might be a thing that the common sense collapses.   Until now

T-cards can be used in many places.

It was the image that

Is the T-point card going to be obsolete?

You will not need the possession of cash by the use of electronic money, so I think the point will also follow the smartphone, payment of the price may be empty-handed becomes commonplace.


It’s full of pay and points.



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