ZOZOTOWN Maezawa, President of art works [sold] ⁉

ZOZO Maezawa, President of the Company (43), explained that the sale of his own Twitter-owned art works was to plan for a “million Yen Gifts” project. On Twitter, Mr. Maezawa said, “I will sell art works to the Sotheby’s auction on May 16.I will give it to the person who is important to take over. “On the other hand, there was widespread speculation on the internet that the company was having trouble with its “cash flow”. To answer such a situation, I murmured that “I need money to do gifts a million yen again” on this day. On January 5 this year, Mr. Maezawa declared, “Give 100 million yen to one hundred people” on Twitter, and it became a big topic by doing this. Http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/16415416/

Mr. Maezawa seems to sell the art work.

Since ZOZOTOWN seems to have struggled this year, it is no use even if it is imagined that it suffers from the cash flow.   It is only the imagination of the people to the end well, things that people are imagining, also that is reported in the media

It is unexpectedly correct.

I think that buying art works and selling them when you need them is a good way to go shopping, but if you have enough money,

It is not necessary to sell art works in the first place.

As is expected

Was it a steep slope?

I can not throw away the impression that.   It was last year that there was this and that of the force.

Compared to peak times, the exposure of the media has plummeted.

It is great that you are trying to do gifts planning, but is it a thing that there is no room for TV?


We have to go to space.



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