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Actress Nana Suzuki (30) appeared in TOKYO MX, “Jun Tamura’s Questions” (5/00) on Saturday.He commented on the first pitch, which was controversial, which delayed the start of a professional baseball game on 27 last month. Suzuki appeared at Rakuten-Lotte game (Rakuten Life Park) on April 27, but the first major role of the tension, in addition to not quite put into the pitching operation, there is also “balk” to stop the motion in the middle, the start of the game was delayed four minutes. In the opening, MC Tamura Atsushi said, “Mr. Suzuki is not peaceful in the heart…” And if you cut out, Suzuki “Let me out for the first time to the ball, I have trouble you, I feel sorry,” I apologized. Mr. Satoshi Shirai, a full-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University and writer of Tamura and guest performers, defended Suzuki for his mysterious expression.Furutani said, “I watched the video a while ago, but Nana-chan is nothing bad.It is worse to be on fire, “he commented. Tamura does not seem to be “Suzuki-san”.It’s okay.If there is a person who says bad things to Mr. Suzuki, because I and Mr. Furuya protect it, “also follow, Suzuki” because it was raining and cold….So I couldn’t throw it quick… I’m really sorry. ” Http://

Nana Suzuki apologized for the delayed pitch.

It seems to have become a considerable fire disturbance, it seems that the people who co-starred in the show are defending.   However, when I read the article, Nana Suzuki is an apology,

The weather was rainy and the temperature was low.

That includes nuances like that, right?

It was a commotion that I wanted to reflect long as a variety talent,

This is the delay.

The person who apologized is not transmitted when lying.

Was it raining?

Because it was cold?

They are not shouldn’t forget reasons to throw them away, so don’t make excuses if you feel sorry for them.   It is rude to those who are defending me.


Don’t lie to me.



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