The reason for the spate of YouTuber [inactivity] ⁉

The uber-bar is a major movement among young people.The number is increasing every year, and it is said that more than 10,000 überbars are active now, but in April, it will be announced one after another that the popularity of the Utuberg loop has been dissolved or suspended.I’m hearing a puzzled voice from YouTube fans. “On April 2, the popularity of the Utuberg loop,” Repezen earth, “announced the suspension of the activity, and on June 6,” Torthouse “announced the dissolution.On the 7th, “No brand” announced the dissolution.Both are popular channels only, and from the Uber fan, ‘ Why do you often break up the Überbar recently?”Why do you want to dissolve everyone YouTuber like…” “I have been really mental and have been broken up three pairs of favorite YouTuber recently” (entertainment writer) in particular, ” Repezen Earth is a DJ group and currently has five members.The number of subscribers is about 1.8 million people, and besides music activities, it is popular in extreme planning such as “100 million yen gift planning” and “one tequila Icki drink”.In addition, I uploaded a video to comment on the appearance of a general woman named “look after bus Baba game” in October last year.Although the criticism gathered and burned in flames, the number of subscribers is about 1,470,000 people in the popular Überberg loop.The reason for the dissolution was not specifically talked about, but each member was i匂wasemasu to do the YouTube activity in the future.In addition, “No Brand” is also a popular group of about 700,000 subscribers.The reason for the dissolution was explained, “The motivation of the member decreased”. “From the fans, on the back of this spate of inactivity and dissolution, the new announced YouTube regulations have been related? It is said.In January this year, the YouTube side strengthened the “Regulations on dangerous challenges and naughty videos”.A concrete example such as “the challenge to ignite the fuel to my body” and “candid with the robbery in the House” was issued, and from the Überbar side, “YouTube became the same as the television” I was also asked to complain that the real thrill of YouTube will be halved if it is forbidden to be radical.The Utuberg loop, which announced the dissolution this time, was known to be up to both extreme videos, so the rumor seems to have been whispered that the strengthening of the regulations had an impact on the dissolution, “

It seems that the eutuber has broken up after another.

It’s a bunch of new people breaking up on YouTube, and it’s just a change in the terms and rules of the site, and it’s going to be a big deal of damage.   It’s not that I’m looking at the YouTube videos in particular, so it’s important to regulate them so that they don’t deliver dangerous videos

It’s okay, isn’t it?

I think, but it might be a little disappointing from the people who are looking forward to it.   And from the delivery side regulations

Fatal damage

May be.   However, I think that it is absolutely difficult to update it every day though it is thought that it is true that the age when becoming famous in the Überbar came.   If a certain genre such as playing the piano is decided, it might be able to continue,

From where there is no theme,

Looking for interesting things, shooting → Editing is a ridiculous energy to repeat | Ω · I myself have been updating the homepage Thus, it is a considerable effort to carry on this alone.   If you think about how to make your audience more efficient,

The content will become more and more radical.

I think that the person who made the most of a hobby or a special skill can act long as a eutuber.


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